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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Kitchen Bliss - Marble and Steel

I love mixing old and new together. I love a home that has a traditional feel with contemporary elements, that's my perfect combination.

It's so hard living as an expat where you rent homes rather than owning them, it's hard to add my own touch to a kitchen I use constantly but that isn't really me. I miss my kitchen in Melbourne, we bought the house mainly because we loved the kitchen so much. I think about my kitchen in Melbourne all the time...is that weird? I know that if we do move back to that house, I'll definitely keep the layout the same but I might change the cabinetry and hardware.

Steel and marble used together in kitchens is a great way of mixing the old and the new, the traditional with the contemporary. Have you seen the movie "It's Complicated"? Meryl Streeps kitchen in that movie is TO DIE FOR! The marble and steel island bench in that kitchen gives it both a traditional country feel but also an industrial feel. Both even each other out.

Here is some more marble and steel inspiration.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Design Milk

Image from Luxe Interiors
Image from Pinterest

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