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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Egg & Bacon Cups...Sneaky Devils

Breakfast in the Derrig household is pretty much a blur from Sunday through Friday. With school, work, gym and activities we never make an effort to sit down and enjoy the most important meal of the day. That is until Saturday morning rolls around. Saturday morning for us means sleeping in, no rushing around and a proper cooked breakfast. Saturday is our Sunday in the Middle East.

Some Saturdays I will make pancakes or a big fruit salad with baguette and chocolate croissants but this morning I brought back an old favourite. Something I haven't made since our days living in Melbourne.

Matt's best mate Richie introduced us to the sneaky devil, also known as egg and bacon cups. Richie and his lovely wife Olivia had been down in Melbourne for the weekend visiting us. After a late night Rich woke up and cooked us all Sneaky Devils. They are heaven on toast.

I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday wherever you are in the world. Here in Doha it's cold and rainy and maybe just maybe I can sneak back into bed for a nap.


Makes 6 Sneaky Devils
6 Eggs
6 Slices of Bacon
Small handful of Cheese (Optional)
Salt & Pepper

Preheat oven to 180/350F
Spray a muffin or cupcake tin with cooking oil.
Line the holes with a slice of bacon, making sure to press the bacon onto the sides of the muffin hole but not on the bottom.
Crack one egg into each hole.
Sprinkle each cup with a little bit of cheese.
Top with salt and pepper.
Bake for 20 minutes or until your eggs are done to your liking.

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