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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What's Your Style?

A friend the other day asked me what my style was and who was my style inspiration. It stumped me for a minute as I wasn't 100% sure how to answer the question and I've been pondering the question for the last couple of days. I love fashion, I could sit and flick through fashion magazines for hours, you could ask me any question about any designer and I'd know the answer but am I fashionable? I'd like to think so but hey there are days when I've stepped out of the house not giving a damn about what I look like because that morning I just couldn't be bothered. Sometimes I feel like I'm an impostor writing this blog, do I have any credibility to tell other women what to wear, what to eat and how their house should look..probably not. But I love all things fashion, home and food and as long as I do I want to share my thoughts and inspiration with you.

Now back to the question of what's my style. The answer is...classic. I think I have a very classic, easy going style. Definitely at night I like to edge it up a bit more playing around with colours and patterns and I will only buy into trends if they are going to suit my curvy figure...you won't see me sporting the current trend of the crop top anytime soon!

I'm a big believer in accessories and bright lipstick, you'll never see me without either (unless I'm sweating it out at the gym!). I'm obsessed with ballet flats and at last count had over 20 pairs and I love a good designer handbag and I won't tell you how many I have in case my Husband is reading and he deems the number too high to buy me any more!

At the end of the day, I wear what I feel looks right on me and makes me feel good about myself when I look in the mirror. That is my style philosophy. What's yours?

My Style Inspirations...if only I had their figures!

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