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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Flowers + Jugs

I've been thinking a lot lately about the beautiful things I have in storage in Melbourne. When we moved to Abu Dhabi in 2008 we thought we'd be away for only a year.  We moved half way across the world with only a suitcase each to our name (ok maybe I had 2...or 3. Nearly 6 years on and we've now settled in Doha, I'm beginning to think about all those wonderful engagement and wedding gifts and all the trinkets I've collected.

Some of my most treasured wedding gifts (I didn't have a registry) were some divine jugs given to me by close family friends. I used to go to the flower market or local florist each week and fill these jugs with gorgeous blooming flowers.

So while the Mr and I try to decide whether to have our things shipped to us or keep them in Australia, I'll leave you with some truly beautiful images....flowers + jugs.


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