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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Happy Easter

Three years ago, I had a brand spanking new baby and Mr D, Lady Sadie and I set out on a road trip from Melbourne to country NSW to spend Easter with Mr D's family. It was Lady Sadie's first big road trip and being a little over 2 weeks old we were slightly concerned how we were going to cope with the 5 hour drive. But my little princess was an absolute trooper and slept the whole way until we were about 15 minutes outside of town when she awoke screaming for some milk!

It was a really fun weekend, Lady Sadie was cooed and ahhed over by her great uncles and her grandparents and it was a truly Australian long weekend, out in the country, drinking beers in the back yard and eating a yummy home cooked roast.

That was the last Easter I celebrated as two months later we moved to the Middle East where Jesus isn't that popular!

So this weekend, I'll be thinking of our family and friends who will be celebrating with BBQ's, roasts, lots of beer and wine and dreaming of the crispy crackling on the pork roast!

I've found some beautiful decorating ideas for Easter and for a really funny Easter read please have a look at one of my favorite blogs Grenglish.

Happy Easter everyone and next week it's going to be all about the Royal Wedding!


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