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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Friends Weddings

Today I have two guest bloggers. First up Sarah Pylas from Grenglish shares memories from her wedding day last year in London.

Our wedding day, well,  it felt like the final piece of the puzzle. Our relationship was great and we had Zachy already but getting married completed the circle and I definitely felt more safe and secure in our little family after that.  The wedding day itself was lovely, only 30 people.  We did it at Marylebone Registry Office, where all the rock stars go hehehe, and then had a reception at The Landmark Hotel.  It was perfect, no big fuss on the day but I didn't feel I needed any of that.  I loved our wedding day, really was just perfect.  

And now Alexa from Alexandria in Qatar, I've only known Alexa for a little under a year but we clicked immediately over our love of shoes, handbags and cocktails. Alexa is married to the very talented photographer Mark Arnold who also has a brilliant blog!

I had always heard women refer to their wedding day as, 'the best day of my life' but for some reason, I was convinced that my wedding day would not live up to the expectation.  How could it?  All that planning, time, effort and stress culminating in one flawless evening?  I didn't want to expect too much for fear of being disappointed but in short, my wedding day was absolutely perfect and I would not have changed a single thing.   
I don't know if my wedding was different from others but from the start, my (now) husband and I knew exactly what we wanted and we both played an equal role in its planning; having a fiance who was as concerned about the flower arrangements, escort cards, napkin colour and cake layer flavours was a blessing when you needed help deciding but a real pain if you couldn't agree on the same thing!  Everything, bar my dress and his suit, was a joint effort from start to finish and I can honestly say that we planned (and pulled off) the best party we have ever hosted.  From our own design invitations to the glorious September weather, our expertly executed (and well practised) first dance, vintage teapot table arrangements (thanks to months of scouring ebay), perfectly cooked coconut shrimp, Beef Wellington, ice cream sandwiches and the well-received basket of flip flops we set out for sore feet - everything went down without a hitch.   
One of the highlights of the evening had to be when the amazing band we hired began to play 'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga and every single person in the room got up on their feet and onto the dance floor, the energy was unbelievable.  I just stood in the middle of it all and thought, 'this is my wedding, and it's awesome'.

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