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Monday, 28 March 2011

To Make You Feel My Love

Hi Guys

It's been a crazy weekend and a crazy start to the week - I haven't had five minutes to myself! I'm sitting here wanting to put toothpicks in my eyes to hold them open!

We had a fantastic night Thursday celebrating Mr D's birthday. I had far too many drinks and was incredibly inappropriate but my party girl persona was back big time after quite a while tucked under the covers!!

I haven't shared with my readers yet but Mr D and I are trying desperately to have another baby and we are currently going through the trials and tribulations of IVF. It's been a hard road and we've had a few set backs but we just can't wait to give Lady Sadie a little brother or sister in the near future - fingers crossed!

I'm feeling quite sentimental today - must be all those hormone injections! Anyway I wanted to share with you one of my favorite songs. I originally fell in love with this song when Garth Brooks sung it but Adele a couple of years ago did her own version which is hauntingly beautiful. As Mr D and I go through this journey together we have grown stronger in our partnership and I feel like this song kind of represents where we are at the moment.

Sorry for getting all sooky - I'll come back tomorrow with some fabulous fashion inspiration but today I just wanted to share how I was feeling.


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