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Saturday, 18 June 2011

I'm bored...

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I'm bored today...My Mum always told me that the word 'bored' is not part of her vocabulary, that there was always something you could find to do.

But none the less, I'm bored!

Living in Doha is like living in a small country town but with sky scrapers. There's not a great deal to do here other than shop, eat and swim. Normally we spend our weekends laying by the pool which I love! This week however the weather in the desert has been hideous, incredibly hot, really windy which means lots of sand and dust flying around, not ideal for relaxing by the pool!

I love to read, so this afternoon I'm going to curl up on the day bed and read my Kobo which will be nice and relaxing but I would so much rather be in a hammock, by the sea reading...

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