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Sunday, 20 February 2011

I Heart Olivia Palermo

*All images from The Vogue Diaries

An American socialite, reality star, fashionista and I think one of the most stylish women out there. I absolutely adore everything about Olivia. Yes she was a bit of a bitch on The City but when you're that rich and that beautiful I think you can be!

I also love the fact that she sent a letter to the New York social set begging them for acceptance! The letter was promptly published on social network sites and law suits entailed! Whether true or not I kind of like that fact that someone that beautiful and seemingly so confident is begging for acceptance from such a peer group!

Anyway, love or hate her you have to admire her style. Classic, chic and a touch preppy. If I could have anyones wardrobe....and body it would be Olivia's!

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