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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Beatrix the Bouganvillea

Hello Readers!

As I was driving through my compound yesterday,  I noticed that one of my neighbours had bought some beautiful pot plants for the front of their house. Not to be outdone, I immediately called upon my best Gal Pal in Doha, Catherine to help me tart up the front of our villa. Catherine is quite a keen gardener and knows so much more about gardening than I ever will!

So yesterday afternoon we hot footed it down to our local plant nursery to set about trying to find the best looking plants that were also very easy for me to take care of!

Towards the back of the nursery I noticed a beautiful almost matured bouganvillea tree. I had to have it! And for only $30 I was promised it was a good deal! I would spend ten times that on a pair of shoes so thought Mr D would be only to happy with my new interest in gardening!

Along with my new bouganvillea I also purchased 2 pots which are now filled with pretty white and pink flowers which I have since forgotten the name of but apparently they will flower throughout the year.

The great thing about the Middle East is that every need you have is catered for. There was no way I was going to schlep these plants home and pot them myself but thankfully the lovely man who was helping me did all the hard work for me and even loaded them into the car. All that was needed from my end was to take them from the car to the front of the villa...job done!

Now I'm not the best of gardeners, I tend to forget that I actually  have plants that are in need of TLC but I figure, my new babies are situated right at  my front door, I surely cannot forget to water them...can I? Only time will tell I guess.

I'm now filled with fantasies of being the next Martha Stewart and creating award winning gardens... this will never happen but a girl can dream can't she? Also, no gardener can be complete without cute as a button accessories! I think I'll go all out and kitsch with a bit of pink on pink on pink.

OTT Girly Gardening Accessories

My new pretty pink flowers

Beatrix the Bouganvillea

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