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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

5 Things

I thought I would start a weekly segment, detailing 5 things that I'm currently loving and craving right now.

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After a marathon session with my personal trainer this morning, I'm craving beyond anything a yummy BLT sandwich! I'm going to be a good girl though and just look at this photo while eating a salad instead.

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The pixie crop was all the rage at Sunday's Academy Awards. I read an article this morning that said apparently only 5% of the population can carry off the pixie cut. I hope I'm one of them otherwise I've made a monumental mistake chopping off all my hair! I loved Anne's hair at the Oscar's and will be trying to replicate the look on my next night out.

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I love indoor plants, they can add so much colour to a house. The whole bring the outside in look is superb and I feel a trip to the plant souq is in my very near future.

I have been lusting after these Celine sunglasses for a while now. I've not seen them in Doha, so will be making the purchase online. You can purchase here.

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This Summer we will be heading back to Australia for a long break, I can't wait. However, I've already started planning our holidays for 2015 and I'm hoping that will include a trip to Marrakesh. I want to spend hours wandering and getting lost in the bizarre and staying in a really funky Riyadh. 
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