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Monday, 10 March 2014

Cozy Days

As the weather starts to heat up here in Doha, I start to dream about winters at my parents place. They live about 2 hours south of Sydney in a beautiful village that gets so bitterly cold in Winter and I absolutely love it. The place my parents call home could not be any more different to life in Doha. A small village where everyone nods and says hello, open green spaces, frost covering the grass each morning and an open fire that is lit first thing in the morning and the embers burning right through the night. It is without doubt my favourite place to be and I can't wait to go home in July.

The way my Mum has decorated her home is truly  beautiful, even down to the way she stores her fire wood beside the open fire.

It got me thinking of other ways people store their fire wood to make a mundane chore into a design feature.



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