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Sunday, 9 March 2014

A Trip to the Plant Souk

I have what's known as a black thumb, which is the EXACT opposite of a green thumb. I love gardens, I love flowers, I love greenery, my problem is that I tend to kill any kind of nature that comes my way.

When we bought our house in Melbourne, the garden was the perfect blank canvas for me to cultivate and make into a beautiful oasis. My Mother in Law who is an amazing gardener, came down for the weekend to help me de-weed and get the garden ready. Matt and I then went off on a plant buying extravaganza, we bought roses, hydrangeas, I think even a lemon tree. We got home, planted everything (well Matt planted and I watched) and honestly I think I just loved my new garden a little too much and ended up killing my hydrangeas within a week. Matt then banned me from any type of gardening from then on.

So over the weekend when I realized that my bougainvillea out the front of the villa had flourished and was looking so alive and well I decided it was time to banish my black thumb once and for all and head to the plant souk.

Sadie had a blast at the plant souk, she absolutely loves nature and when we go home to my parents house each year she spends hours wandering around the gardens with her Poppy. So Sadie was in charge yesterday of picking out the most glorious, colourful flowers for the front of the house. I think she did a fab job, and I'm just hoping that my black thumb is banished! If all else fails, at least we have a team of gardeners in the compound that can come to my rescue!

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