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Sunday, 1 May 2011


I've only been baking for a short amount of time, and each time I begin a new recipe I get very nervous that the whole thing is going to fall to pieces.

My nerves were probably double today as I tried my hand at baking scones. I've wanted to bake scones for quite a while but thought for sure I'd end up with lopsided scones that were hard as rocks.

The baking angels must have been looking over me today because what came out of the oven was absolutely scrumptious! So light and fluffy and incredibly moreish, Mr D and I shared one scone and have put the rest in an air tight container where I know they'll be gently whispering my name begging me to eat some more!

The best tips for making scones is to ensure that your butter is extremely cold - I actually put my butter in the freezer for 10 minutes before hand and the AC at full blast in the kitchen. I also used a food processor to pulse my dry ingredients with the butter and tried not to over mix the dough at all. You have to treat this dough with kid gloves!

I realised too late that I don't own an appropriate cutter so used egg rings instead and perhaps my scones could have been a little thicker but all in all they turned out utterly cute as pie and incredibly delicious dolloped with a healthy dose of strawberry jam and cream.

I had wanted to bake these scones for my Royal Wedding Party on Friday but my nerves got the better of me but thankfully Alexa brought along some divine blueberry scones which she made from a Martha Stewart recipe.

Here is the recipe I used and please don't feel afraid to try your hand at these - it takes literally 20 minutes to prepare and bake the scones which is far quicker than getting in the car and driving to the bakery!

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