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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Flirty Fuchsia

When I was a little girl I adored hot pink! Even into my teens I loved it and had my parents paint my room a very pale pink with fuchsia borders.

As I grew into womanhood my love of hot pink fell by the way side, I felt that it was too immature and girlie.

So I'm not sure why it is now, perhaps it's Lady Sadie's influence (she likes to tell me constantly that pink is  her fave colour) or perhaps it's my infatuation with my hot pink chanel lipsticks; but for some reason I've recently become obsessed with fuchsia!

A few different shades of pink!

My toes are currently rocking this OPI shade

Currently on my wish list...

TopShop Belt

There are just no words...

Stripes and Pink how can I resist!
 And pink in the home!

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